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Whatever your adventure may be...Outdoor Recreation at Spangdahlem has you covered. We have equipment rentals available for every hobby, every season and every occasion. Spend your time outdoors with our camping gear and shred the slopes with our ski gear. Come in and browse through our variety of retail items.

Sign up for our incredible trips with an ODR tour guide that take you to places you never knew existed. 

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What We Offer


RecOn (R4R) Discounts

What is it?
Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) is the capstone for resiliency programming across the Air Force for FSS MWR activities. R4R encompasses the following key resiliency target audiences: the Single Airman Programming Initiative (SAPI), RecOn, and Deployed Affected Programming (DAP).

These resiliency programs target specific audiences and provide needed support for our Airmen and their families.  ODR operates using the ‘RecOn’ branch of the program. 

Provides resources for outdoor centric, high adrenaline, stress reduction and is only available through FSS Outdoor Recreation Centers. 

You will see discounts applied to certain ODR trips throughout the year.  For example: Thanksgiving Ski and Snowboard

$594 – Regular Price
$394 – RecOn Price

We always include the regular price of the trip for those participants who are not eligible for the RecOn discount. 

Who is eligible? 
Air Force Active Duty or Air Reserve Component personnel and their family members.

Private Group Trips

Group Adventure Trips
ODR can provide transportation and drivers for your next group trip! Just tell us where you want to go and we can take you there.  Vehicle accommodation from 10-28 people.  Must give ODR at least one month’s notice.

Lemon Lot

ODR offers you a safe location to sell your used vehicle. Visit us to get your vehicle registered for only $10 a month!

Classes & Certifications

Scuba Diving

ODR holds Intro to Scuba programs monthly.  Anyone 12 and older can sign up for this 1-day hands on course and spend the day at the pool learning about the world of SCUBA. 

You can also become open dive certified for life if you attend one of ODR’s scuba trips.  Two pool dives (Intro to Scubas) are required before the big trip, 1st one is regular price and second is free!

Important Note: If the participant is going on a SCUBA trip they must complete the medical statement below with their PCM. If the participant is going on an Intro to Scuba program AND answer ‘yes’ to any of the statements, they must complete the physical with their PCM. Download Medical Statement


Hunting Course Agreement

This 9-week course, usually offered from January to March, is a requirement for hunting in Germany. The German Hunting License or Jagdschein is known worldwide and accepted all over Europe. Your course instructor will teach you the German weapons law, land management practices, German hunting customs and traditions, and much more! As a military member, this course only costs a fraction of what a similar course would cost on the economy. In addition to and sometime in lieu of regularly scheduled classes, there will be shooting range practice opportunities, a shooting kino trip, and a visit to a gunsmith. Upon completion of your range test and written final exam, you will receive your Certification of Completion and be a JungJaeger!

Course runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 1715-1930.

Requirements: Must be a US citizen with a valid US passport and military ID

Minimum Age: 18 years old by the time of graduation

Price: $250
Additional Course Fees: Approximately 200 EURO  


Maintenance Services


  • Waxing | $20
  • Mount Binding | $8
  • Refit & Redrill Bindings | $30

Download equipment available for rent / price list.

Apparel & Accessories

High Peak – Camping Equipment

Kylltec – Winter, Spring, and Fall Jackets


Click below for the list with prices!

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