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Indoor Play Place

Enjoy the newest indoor playground! Let your kids get some exercise in either the toddler area or the gymnasium.

Parents – the kids’ gym is a great place to get sit back and relax with our free Wi-Fi while the kids are busy.

Don't forget to read over the posted rules! We want everyone to have fun AND be safe.

***The indoor play place is still looking for volunteers! Volunteers are needed for opening, closeing & cleaning the playground!

Playground Saftey

This facility is NOT manned. You are REQUIRED to know & enforce the current HPCON rules.

You MUST clean all equipment & surfaces that your child touches BEFORE & AFTER use.

Sanitizing wipes are available in multiple locations, please dispose of wipes after use.

Play is at the responsibility & supervision of the parent.

Parents must remain with their children at all times.

Equipment is property of FSS. Please return all equipment to its original storage after use.

Only beverages are allowed in the facility. Food is NOT allowed.

Mission requirements will take precedent & may require play area to be temporarily closed.


Please, enjoy our free wifi!

The password is family123.

Emergency Contact Info
Call 06565-61-9101 for medical emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of an emergency, what do I do?

Call 06565-61-9101 for medical emergencies.

Do you need contact information for every person who will visit?

Yes! We need to ensure we have an accuarte tracing report for each person who visits the Indoor Play Place.

Can I bring food inside?

Food is prohibited in the Indoor Play Place. However, you are welcome to bring a beverage.

Can I bring my pet inside?

Pets are prohibited inside the Indoor Play Place.

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How are we doing?

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Indoor Play Place

Old Middle School Gymnasium

Opening Hours

  • Monday-Wednesday
  • Thursday & Friday
    1000 - 1530 (Gym side)
    1000-1800 (play side)
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    1000 - 1800
  • Family Days
  • US Holidays

DSN: 452-7260

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