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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks


It's that time of year again to get your cleaning on; the sun is shining, and the temps are rising! If you are anything like us decluttering and deep cleaning the house are always seeming to move further down the list of to-dos.

We're here to help! Here's a little spring-cleaning schedule to make these pesky tasks feel more doable…

Daily Tasks:

  • Wipe off the kitchen and bathroom counters.
  • Wipe out the bathroom sinks (why does it feel like toothpaste gets everywhere??)
  • Clean off the kitchen table.
  • Return all daily use items like jackets, shoes, backpacks, purses, etc. to their spot.
  • Run the dishwasher (If you have a small family make this an every 2-3 day task, don't let the dishes pile up to where they won't fit in one load…guilty of this!)
  • At least 1 task of choice from the weekly tasks section – there are only 6 tasks so take a break one day or knock out TWO deep cleaning tasks if you're feeling frisky!

Weekly Tasks:

  • Laundry (*Tip - have a designated day or two of the week that you knock out as many loads as possible – Don't forget the bed sheets, the more you clean these the better it is for your skin).
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Dust the house (*Tip - do this the day before you vacuum so you don't get dust on your freshly cleaned floors).
  • Vacuum the floors.
  • Mop the floors (*Tip - Get a steam mop, it will make your life a million times easier and make this task a lot faster!)
  • At least 1 task of choice from the deep cleaning section!

Deep Cleaning:

  • Wash windows (*Tip – If doing both sides of the windows in the same day sounds daunting just break it up to inside and outside on different days!)
  • Clean baseboards.
  • Clean the oven and microwave (*Tip - Microwave vinegar in a bowl for about 3-5 minutes and everything should easily wipe away!)
  • Declutter your closet (Yes, this means trying on all your clothes and discarding what doesn't fit any longer).
  • Declutter the fridge/pantry.
  • Declutter bathroom products - including medicines (Check those expiration dates…we always find something expired here).
  • Wash comforters (*Tip - the on-base laundry mat can fit king size comforters in the machines!)
  • Wipe down cabinet doors and shelves.
  • Declutter/organize storage areas (*Tip – if you clean out your holiday/seasonal items at the end of each you won't have to set out extra time to do this deep cleaning step!)
  • Declutter the file cabinet (As military families we have LOTS of paperwork - find a system to keep the old papers separate from new ones, so everything is easy to find!)
  • Check furniture or rugs for any stains (*Tip – If you have not tried Folex you need to, there isn't a stain this bad boy can't get out!)

We hope this schedule helps you knock out a lot of those daunting spring-cleaning tasks. Take advantage of quarantine and get to a schedule now! 

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Friday, June 05 2020

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