As we head into another lockdown here, we want to make sure all of you a part of the Spangdahlem community are full of ideas to stay healthy and fit!

The Spangdahlem Fitness Center is currently only open to active duty service members three days a week. If this is you, you can reserve your workout time slot here!

For all of you this does not apply too, hello fellow spouses, we have tons of resources for you to take advantage of during this time! With it cooling down and the rain always pouring, we know heading outside for a good run or walk isn't as feasible as it was in the Spring lockdown. Don't worry, there are plenty of workouts you can do right inside your own home!

There are many companies currently offering their fitness programs for free, so everyone can stay active. There is a program out there for everyone whether you want yoga, HIIT, dance, meditation, biking, running, etc. A few of the best ones we have found are listed below…


These are the same workouts that are always offered virtually in the aerobics room at the Fitness Center!


The Air Force has provided access to this fitness app for all airmen and their families. What is special about this app is its ability to determine a program special for you based on personal information and the equipment you have available to use. Use this link on your mobile phone and access code FITAPPUPA to sign up!

Nike Training Club

Nike offers free workouts and premium paid programs, but with COVID they have opened it all up for free use until further notice. There is no specialty code needed, just download the app!


Yoga with Adriene and POPSUGAR Fitness are some of our personal always free favorites!

If you don't have any gym equipment don't sweat it, because you can do all of these apps without any! However, if you want a little extra weight you could up the pounds by grabbing some water bottles, wine bottles, or even backpacks filled with books. Need floor sliders for abs? Grab some washrags for the tile or some plastic/paper plates for the carpet.

We are here to ensure you ALL have the resources you need to live a safe and healthy lifestyle during COVID!

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